What is the difference between Credit Card and Debit Card. What is Visa, Master Card and Rupay Card ?

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Hello friend, in this post I will tell you what is the difference between credit card and debit card, if you want to know all the information then stay on this post I will tell all the information in this post.

Today in this post, we understand about plastic value money, in which ATM comes, ATM is divided into debit card and credit card, what is the difference between them, you will see visa and rupee and master is written on the ATM, which is the best among them.

And under which rule did the Government of India and RBI ban MasterCard from issuing new cards?

What is the full name of ATM

The full name of ATM is Automated Teller Machine, it was discovered on 27 June 1997 in England, the name of the discoverer was John Shepherd-Barron, he was born on 23 June 1925 in Shillong, Meghalaya district of the Indian state, he was an Indian.

Today ATM has been used a lot, ATM can be seen in 2 types.

  • What is a Debit Card

    It helps our money to withdraw the money deposited by itself, what was there in the tongue, to withdraw money, we had to go to the bank by filling the withdrawal or signing the check, only then the bank used to give the money. This was a goodness of the system, it was secure, there was no fraud and hack, its biggest drawback was that it would work only when the bank was open, it took a long time to process, it took a long time to check and The official bank used to be closed on Sundays, on holidays, you could not withdraw money from it 24 hours at night time, that’s why ATM came in handy.

What is for ATM, you will not have to go to the bank, now it costs a lot to set up a bank, whereas there is no cost to set up an ATM, as many as 50 ATMs will be installed in a branch. And the same money will come out.
Due to this, a very good system started working, here the bank gives ATM card, writes debit card on it, debit card has become a super fast medium to withdraw our money, due to this we can withdraw money 365 days day and night. Debit card is considered a secured card.

  • what is credit card –

    In earlier times, we had to take money from outside to take loan, but there had to be more interest, but bank loans are not very cheap, but to take bank loan, we had to give a lot of proof documents to make sure all this. Such a fast formula was taken out so that you can get a fast loan, so the credit card was launched, it does not contain your money, it is the money of the bank, the credit card is not available to everyone on whom the bank trusts.

The credit card gives that credit card whenever it wants to take out the loan, it also has a loan limit, initially gives you 25000 money, gradually increases your limit, you do not have to pay any interest on that money for 1 month



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