Shared Hosting Vs Managed WordPress Hosting Today we will Know the difference between Shared Hosting And Managed WordPress Hosting.

Whenever you purchase hosting for WordPress you find two options First of Shared Hosting and Second of Managed WordPress Hosting

We Will understand their differences, cost differences Which option is better or is it worth to spend on it and check what are the best hosting options available.

Managed WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting Reviews 2021: Which is the Best?
Managed WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting Reviews 2021: Which is the Best?

There are many companies that sell Shared Hosting And Managed WordPress  Hosting under same name. they change their names because of the marketing strategy

If talk about Siteground, the Shared Hosting and managed WordPress hosting are same, but for marketing they have changed their names. But it is problem when both the hostings are sold together under same name,

If talk about A2 Hosting, you find separate option for Managed WordPress Hosting, you will find a separate option is NameCheap, there are many companies who keep it same, there are many companies who keep it different

You will have to ask this from their costumer support, that whether it is same of Different,

Lets understand what are their differences and what things provide better value

Lets talk about Shared Hosting First

Shared Hosting means keeping many websites on one sever you took one server and there are 100 websites and in that you got a partition to keep your website  Shared hosting is good for beginners, low traffic or the ones who require a simple one-page website

If I talk about managed wordpress hosting

Hosting is tweaked for fast performance of wordpress , for the fast performance of the website Efficient running of the WordPress Software so for that certain tweaks are added above shared hosting certain tweaks are added, extra services are added

Managed wordpress hosting can be kept on Shared, VPS Cloud and Dedicated Hosting

It depends on company , as to where they have kept their hosting that’s why you find so much price variations in managed wordpress hosting that you wil find it for $5 a month, $50 a month this is due to the fact that they have taken Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting so you will find price fluctuations

So now I am comparing Shared Hosting And Managed WordPress Hosting that is on shared Hosting, so when you buy managed WordPress Hosting, you will get more speed, you will get extra tools, like staging tool, when you Buy it from SiteGround, you get a staging tool, Whenever you do certain changes you can do this at back end, before making the website Live, if you want to change themes or test Plugins or Design – Oriented, you should do all such changes in the staging phase, when you complete all such features, then you can make it live,

You get better security features in WordPress, Backups are almost on every server, WordPress hosting is Basically additional features on Shared that will Help in WordPress, this is good for WordPress Users,

The Price Variations depends from company to Company

If I tell about some Recommendations, if you want to go in Shared Hosting, Hostinger is good for Shared and WordPress Hosting

If I talks about Bigrock, if you want to take shared hosting for php or MySQL , so Bigrock is a good option

If you want Support in the Hindi, English Language, Bigrock, Hostinger is a good option

They provide good platform where they manage the efficient running of the WordPress Websites so which Hosting Should we buy , You should always start with the cheapest and good option Available

Start with Hostinger is a good option if you require PHP,MySOL, And Hindi, English Support So start with Shared Hosting then go to Managed WordPress Hosting, then Shift to Hostgator Managed WordPress Hosting Which Will Increase your rates,

If you are getting lot of traffic and you need to handle traffic compared to Low Price what Kinsta is Doing, you can use Cloudways, so these were my Recommendarions for Shared and  Managed WordPress Hosting  

I hope you must have understood the difference, if you have any Questions, ask them in the comments below  so that will be all for this one,


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